Tesoro Del Alma Mine
A Division of Tesoro Del Alma Inc
Welcome to the Tesoro Del Alma Mine page.  We hope that you will find some useful information here that will be helpful to you.

We have been running tests on the TDA 6, (BLM Claim Number  NMMC167937 for years).  We have owned this claim for over 21 years.   A few years ago we determined that there was enough proof that the claim contained enough gold, silver and other metals that it could be a profitable mine.  So we filed  a mining plan with the State of New Mexico and filed the MPO (mining plan of operation) with the BLM. The BLM put the MPO on hold after everything had been approved.  The only thing we are waiting for is the signature on the MPO so we can post the bond to proceed. In January 2015 we were given a General Permit Approval (DRY) Tesoro Del Alma Mining Project Permit
No. SI048DRY in the Pittsburg Mining District, Sierra County, New Mexico. Then in January 2015 the BLM sent to us the Acknowledgement of Notice  NMNM 133859, then we posted our bond.

We will be posting all of the stuff that has been approved and we will be posting some new tests results that proves what we have been saying for years is really true.